Glucagon-like Protein Receptor (GLP2R) Antibody



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The rabbit antibody for Glucagon-like Protein Receptor is generated for acetyl 65-88 amide sequence targeting rat and human proteins, but not mouse. The peptide was synthesized and cross-linked to keyhole limpet hemocyanin via sulfolink coupling.  The antibody is provided as 100 µL of affinity purified serum containing 1% BSA.

Produced by Dr. Mark Brownfield, the peptide sequence encoding the rat GLP2R was retrieved from the NCBI protein database and evaluated using GeneRunner software to generate antigen candidates for antibody production.  Antibody was generated in rabbits and purified by affinity chromatography against the antigenic peptide. The specificity of the antibody was confirmed by Western blotting and by immunoabsorption controls is the immunohistochemistry procedure (see Nelson et al, Endocrinology 148(5)1954-1962, 2007.

The antiserum demonstrates significant labeling of enteroendocrine cells in the intestinal epithelium, as well as cell bodies of vagal afferents in nodose ganglia of the parasympathetic nervous system. Immunolabeling of Western blot revealed a band of approximately 66 kDa in human and rat tissue. Due to the difficulty with receptor antibodies, western blot applications are not warranted and are included as specificity information only.

Photo Description
:  IHC image of enteroendocrine cells in the intestinal epithelium.

Host: Rabbit

Quantity/Volume: 100 µL

State: Liquid

Reacts With: : Rat

Alternate Names:

RRID:  to be determined

Immunogen: GLP2R

Technical Sheets

This product contains the preservative sodium azide. The concentration percent of the sodium azide is ≤ .09%. Although this hazardous substance is a concentration below that required for the preparation of a Material Safety Data Sheet, we created a standard MSDS for your records.

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