Terms and Conditions

These are the general terms and conditions (“Terms”) under which ImmunoStar, Inc. (“ImmunoStar”) sells its products and services (“Products”). By purchasing any of our products (“Order”), regardless of method of submission, a customer (“Buyer”), accepts these terms and conditions.

  1. Purchase and Sale. ImmunoStar shall sell to a Buyer, and Buyer agrees to pay for all Products specified by the Buyer’s Order. All Orders are subject to acceptance by ImmunoStar either in writing or by shipping of the Products. Orders can be accepted in entirety or in part.
  2. Pricing. Buyer shall pay the prices specified in an Order placed by the Buyer. If no price is shown, Buyer is subject to the pricing set by ImmunoStar’ standard price list. ImmunoStar reserves the right to change prices at any time. The Buyer is responsible for any applicable duty, taxes and handling charges for international orders.
  3. Payment Terms. Payment terms are net 30 days from the date of the invoice, unless other terms have been agreed upon between ImmunoStar and the Buyer. Buyer is responsible for all charges, including bank fees that may arise while making the payment. If Buyer fails to pay on time, ImmunoStar reserves the right to suspend delivery of any Products, cancel/suspend any Orders, and/or reject future Orders.
  4. Delivery. ImmunoStar reserves the right to select the packaging, shipping method and carrier that shall meet the Buyer’s Order. ImmunoStar does not assume any liability in connection with the shipment nor will the carrier be defined as an agent of ImmunoStar. Buyer agrees to pay all transportation and shipping fees.
  5. Product Use. ImmunoStar Products are for research use only. ImmunoStar’ Products are for in vitro and certain non-human in vivo experimental use only and not intended for use in any human clinical investigation, diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment.
  6. Transfer Prohibited. Products sold by ImmunoStar are for the exclusive use of the Buyer, and should not be resold, transferred, etc. to any other party; unless a written agreement to the contrary has been signed between the Buyer and ImmunoStar.
  7. Return Policy. Products that are damaged (cracked, leaked, etc.) upon delivery can be returned; however, Buyer must contact ImmunoStar within 10 business days of delivery. If an error by ImmunoStar results in a wrong Product being delivered, ImmunoStar will ship the correct Product at no cost to the Buyer. If an error by the Buyer results in the shipment of the incorrect Product, Buyer must contact ImmunoStar within 10 days to see if Products is eligible for return. ImmunoStar reserves the right to decline any returns.

    ImmunoStar’s data sheets include species reactivities for each antibody.  Many of the species were not verified within our lab and are based on published citations referencing ImmunoStar’s antibodies.  Each citation was independently verified by a third party.  This information is to be used only as guides and is not to be construed as being specifications.  Since the conditions of use of our antibodies are beyond our control, all recommendations or suggestions are made without guarantee, express or implied, on our part.

    For technical issues with a Product, contact Customer Service to receive help and a solution.  

  8. Limitation of Liability. ImmunoStar’ liability arising from or as a result of these Terms and conditions shall be limited to the purchase price of the Products on the accepted order from the Buyer. Under no circumstances shall ImmunoStar be liable for the loss of use, production or profit, loss of data or time, contracts, etc., claims for indirect or consequential damages as a result of the use of ImmunoStar’ products.