Primary Antibodies for Neuroscience Research

Trusted and Validated by Neuroscientists for over 40 Years

ImmunoStar is the original manufacturer of primary polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. We take pride in selling to neuroscience researchers at a high-titer and fair price. Since 1975, we have earned a reputation for trusted antibodies that work every time.

Our quality reputation has been validated in over seven thousand citations in biomedical literature of ImmunoStar antibodies. You can find and search them all on our Publications page. This user-friendly database can be searched by antibody, research area, species reactivity, or keyword. ImmunoStar’s core antibodies were previously sold and cited under the names Diasorin, Incstar, and ImmunoNuclear.

Results from Our Customers

Sub P

Wholemount mouse duodenum immunostained for Substance P (green, Alexa Fluor 488) and ANNA (neuron marker; red, Alexa Fluor 647)

Analysis of the Retina in the Zebrafish Model Andrei Avanesov and Jarema Malicki, Tufts Univ.
5-HT (Serotonin) 5A Receptor Antibody