Customer Testimonials

Beautiful Results

“I have used your TH (Tyrosine Hydroxylase) monoclonal antibody 22941 for many years with beautiful results. This is one of the antisera we use on an almost daily basis. We are extremely glad that you were able to confirm the specificity of the TH antibody in transfected cells. Thank you and all the technical staff for the valuable assistance.“

Virginia M. Pickel, Ph.D.

Professor in Neuroscience, Weill/Cornell Medical College

“We used ImmunoStar Tyrosine Hydroxylase Antibody, Product ID: 22941, to label rat brain C1 region catecholaminergic cells, and got very beautiful labeling images.”

Rubing Xing

Oregon Health & Science University

Only Your Antibody

“We have been interested in detecting changes of 5-HT2a (5-HT (Serotonin) 2A Receptor Antibody #24288) in rodent brain, primarily by immunoblotting, also by immunohistochemistry. We have tested several commercial antibodies, with only your Ab showing a specific signal, as verified by brain distribution, preadsorption and by a lack of signal in KO animals.”

Marek Schwendt, PhD.

Research Assistant Professor, Psychology Dept, University of Florida

Quality Products

“Thank you for making quality products (5-HT (Serotonin) 1A Receptor #24504 and 5-HT (Serotonin) 2A Receptor #24288).

Mr. Patrick Ganzer

Drexel University College of Biomedical Engineering & Science

“The SLC32A1 (VIAAT Antibody #20092) worked perfectly the first time on rat brain. We believe that the optimum antibody dilution is 1:20000.”

Neal Rakesh

New York Medical College


“Once again, thanks for helping us with this and for replying so quickly. This is the type of support that one looks for when deciding which companies to purchase from.”

María A. Sosa, Ph.D.

Professor & Chair, Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology, University of Puerto Rico

“Thank you very much for your quick and concise response! I wish it was that easy with all the antibodies I have to deal with! Cheers.”

Dr. Thorsten Stuehmer

Universitaet Wuerzburg

Great Staining

“The 5HT antibody (5-HT (Serotonin) Rabbit #20080) always yielded great staining and we were very pleased with it.

Indeed, we utilized this antibody for studies of dorsal raphe 5HT neurons as reported in our recent publication in Cell Metabolism (Lam, Leinnintger et al 2011, Cell Metab 13(5): 584-91).”

Gina M. Leinninger, PhD

Martin G. Myers Jr. Lab, University of Michigan

Excellent Results!

We have used this antibody (5-HT (Serotonin) Rabbit #20080) recently for several months on water flea Daphnia brains at 1:1000 to 1:2000 dilutions with excellent results in whole mounts and frozen sections. On tissues fixed even in a fixative especially suitable for neuropeptides, the antibody worked surprisingly superb showing clearly 5HT-labelled somata, fibres and finest terminals that were easily detected also in double-stained preparations with other antibodies.”

Heinrich Dircksen

PhD Stockholm University

Clear Strong Signal

“We have used this antibody (Tyrosine Hydroxylase #22941) to detect endogenous levels of TH in mouse and human cells. For cryosections, it works better after antigen retrieval (sodium citrate).

It works beautifully, giving a clear strong signal, with low background. One of the best antibodies to detect TH that we have found.”

Lottie Jansson Sjöstrand

Karolinska Institute, Dept. of Molecular Neurobiology

Very Specific, I Recommend It

“I use the LHRH (Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone #20075) Antibody for ihc on mouse embryonic tissue and staining is very specific. Stronger on adult tissue because more GnRH expressed by the neurons producing it. I recommend it!”

Anna Cariboni

PhD University College London