GluR1 (Ionotropic Glutamate Receptor) Peptide Control


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Pre-adsorption of GluR1 antiserum, diluted 1/4000-1/8000 according to the antibody specification sheet, with 5 µg/mL GluR1 peptide immunogen following the instructions below provides complete blockage of GluR1 immunolabeling. The peptide is provided as 25 µg of lyophilized rat GluR1 sequence 894-907. Please read the instructions carefully before beginning the procedure.

Host: N/A

Quantity / Volume:  25 µg

State: Lyophilized

Technical Sheets

This product contains the preservative sodium azide. The concentration percent of the sodium azide is ≤ .09%. Although this hazardous substance is a concentration below that required for the preparation of a Material Safety Data Sheet, we created a standard MSDS for your records.

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