Glutamate Antibody

Glutamate Antibody
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The monoclonal antibody produces strong labeling of glutamate at dilutions of 1/2,000 - 1/4,000 using biotin-streptavidin/HRP technique. Optimal dilution will vary depending upon fixation, labeling technique and/or detection system; therefore, a dilution series is recommended.

Glutamate tissue staining is completely eliminated by preincubation with glutamate conjugate at concentrations of 100 µg conjugate per mL of diluted antiserum. Aspartate and glutamine conjugates could not significantly inhibit tissue staining. The following amino acids were tested for cross reactivity using an enzyme-linked immunoassay method. Wells were coated with Glu-Glut-Btg at 1 µg per mL. Amino acids and conjugate were added at concentrations from 10 µg to 1 ng per mL. The Glutamate antibody was added to wells at 1 µg per mL. These amino acids were found to have cross reactivity at less than 1%: Beta-alanine, L-alanine, L-aspartic acid, L-glutamic acid, Glycine, Taurine and L-tyrosine.

Photo Description: IHC image of neurons staining for glutamate in the rat cortex (above) and in a low magnification image of the rat hippocampus (below). The tissue was fixed with 4% formaldehyde/0.3% glutaraldehyde in 0.1 M phosphate buffer, before being removed and prepared for vibratome sectioning. Floating sections were incubated at RT in 10% goat serum in PBS, before standard IHC procedure. Primary antibody was incubated at 1:4000 for 48 hours, goat anti-rabbit secondary was subsequently added for 1 hour after washing with PBS. Light microscopy staining was achieved with standard biotin-streptavidin/HRP procedure and DAB chromogen.

Glutamate hippocampus #22523

Host: Mouse

Quantity / Volume:  100 µL

State: Lyophilized Whole Serum

Reacts With: Bathynomus Doederleini (Crustacean/Isopod), Cat, Cockroach, Crayfish, Fish, Hamster, Human, Leech, Monkey, Mouse, Panulirus Argus (Lobster), Rabbit, Rat, Squilla Oratoria (Shrimp)

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Would you sell the conjugate control (glutamate-KLH) for this antibody?
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Unfortunately we don’t offer the conjugate control for the Glutamate antibody. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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This product contains the preservative sodium azide. The concentration percent of the sodium azide is ≤ .09%. Although this hazardous substance is a concentration below that required for the preparation of a Material Safety Data Sheet, we created a standard MSDS for your records.

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