Somatostatin Antibody

Somatostatin Antibody
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The antibody has a proven strong indirect immunofluorescent staining at a 1/400-1/800 dilution and strong Biotin-Streptavidin/HRP staining at a 1/1000-1/2000 dilution in rat hypothalamus (median eminence). The specificity of the antiserum was examined by soluble pre-adsorption with the peptides in question at a final concentration of 106M.

Somatostatin immunolabeling was completely abolished by pre-adsorption with somatostatin, somatostatin 25, and somatostatin 28. Pre-adsorption with the following peptides resulted in no reduction of immunostaining: substance P, amylin, glucagon, insulin, neuropeptide Y, and VIP.

Host: Rabbit

Quantity / Volume:  100 µL

State: Lyophilized Whole Serum

Reacts With: Amphibian, Chicken, Fish, Frog, Human, Monkey, Mouse, Rat, Stingray

Availability: In Stock

Preabsorption Control: Available at Sigma Aldrich, Catalog # S9129

Alternate Names:  Growth hormone release-inhibiting factor; Somatostatin 14; Somatostatin 28; prepro-somatostatin; SMST; somatostatin   

Gene Symbol / ID, Accession #:  SST, 6750

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Reviewed by Dan_Tylee
04/24/2012 - 09:32:00 AM
Strong, Cell-Specific Labeling
Tissue: Maccaca fasciscularis, perfused with saline and 4% paraformaldehyde, dehydrated through increase sucrose gradients, sectioned at 40 um.

Method: Immunocytochemistry on free floating sections. Incubated with ImmunoStar's primary antibody at a concentration of 1:1000 for 4 days in 10% normal goat serum (in 0.1M PO4 buffer with .3% Triton X-100). Rinsed, then incubated with Vector Lab's biotinylated goat anti-rabbit secondary antibody (#BA-1000) for 40 minutes at room temperature in the same 10% normal goat serum solution. Rinsed, then incubated with Vector's standard peroxidase kit (#PK-4000) for 60 minutes at room temperature in 0.1M PO4 buffer with 0.3% Triton X-100. Rinsed, then developed using the instructions for the kit.

Results: Strong, cell-specific labeling. Crisp, punctuate cell bodies. Low background signal. Extremely helpful for delineating the boundaries of the lateral core of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BNST).

Daniel Tylee
Department of Neurobiology & Anatomy
University of Rochester - School of Medicine and Dentistry