Beta-Endorphin Antibody

Beta-Endorphin Antibody
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The antibody produces a strong indirect immunofluorescent staining at a 1/200 - 1/400 dilution and a biotin-streptavidin/HRP staining at a 1/1000 - 1/2000 dilution in rat anterior pituitary.

Staining is completely eliminated by pretreatment of the diluted antibody with 10-6 M of Beta-Endorphin. Pre-adsorption of the diluted antibody with 10-6M of the following substances had no effect on Beta-Endorphin labeling: methionine enkephalin, leucine enkaphalin, dynorphin A, dynorphin B, gamma-endorphin, alpha-endorphin, ACTH and alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone.

Host: Rabbit

Quantity / Volume: 100 µL

State: Lyophilized

Availability: In Stock

Reacts With: Mouse, Rat

Preabsorption Control: Available at Sigma Aldrich, Catalog # E1142

Alternate Names:  Endorfin-beta; Endorphin-beta; proopiomelanocortin

Gene Symbol / ID, Accession #:  POMC,5443

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Journal References:

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Release of Endogenous Opioids From Duodenal Enteroendocrine Cells
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